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Village Coordinator Service

The village coordinator service started to work in Csanadalberti in January of 1998. Since 2004 Laszlo Makacs has been our village coordinator.

Basic tasks of the village coordinator: cooperation in catering, home care, community and social information service, to provide help accessing health services, transporting schoolchildren. In addition to this he transports food into the council buildings and gives information to the people about the council. He works together with the local GP to help people get their medicine and deliver it to their home. It someone requires it he can help to transport the patient to the hospitals of Mako or Szeged. He can provide help for those old people, who unable to partially or fully care about themselves.

He can help in the monthly food shopping and 2 times a week he takes and school children to English language classes. The Village Coordinator Services owns a Ford Transit V363 Kombi Trend L2 type vehicle which was financed by government support.


Makács László


06 62 650 310
06 20 444 8062


6915 Csanádalberti, Fő út 30.