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Sandor Petofi Primary School and Elementary Art School of Pitvaros, Csanádalberti Member Institute

Our institute used to work independently, then as part of the Ambrozfalva-Csanadalberti Primary Human Centre. After the new legislations in 1st September 2007 the seat is in Pitvaros and we work as a member institute. The state institute is the Sandor Petofi Primary School and Elementary Art School of Pitvaros. Our financial conservator is the Educational District Centre of Hodmezovasarhely.

In the Csanadalberti member institute there is only education for classes 1-4th in contracted classes. Our students learn Slovakian language from the 1st class, and from the 4th class they learn English language as well. Our school joined to the Vodafone Digital School Program in 2016 and we installed the Complex Instruction Program educational methods.

Mikulás ünnepség 2017


Huszár Klára


06 62 299 133


6915 Csanádalberti, Fő út 38/A.


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