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The mayor’s greeting

Welcome on our website!

Csanádalberti, is a small village with a population of about 500 people. It lies on the Maros ridge in the micro-region of Mako, close to the Romanian border and the M43 motorway. It lies 24 km east of Mako and 2 km west of Pitvaros. From 2015 we operate as the seat of the Common Council Office. We provide basic services to our people like a post office, health care, community centre, primary school, kindergarten school, nursery, retirement care and village administrator service which provides help for the older generation.

Unfortunately we face similar problems like many little villages in our country. The average age of our population is getting older and our young people are moving away. This is one of the main reasons we give help and support to every family with children, who wish to move here.

Beside an occasional market, private businesses provide food market and other services in our little village. The working age population typically find jobs in the surrounding towns. We help them with an efficient bus service. We provide a family orientated, relaxed, quiet place to live with nicely maintained streets and beautifully renovated public buildings. You can see from a great distance our Lutheran church, which was founded at the end of the last century, and it helps you locate our village centre. We provide an opportunity for different sport activities in our brand new football ground. Our new Community House was opened in the autumn of 2016 and it also provides a great variety of entertainment for every generation.

We try to concentrate more on our tradition and on the presentation of our local history with the help of the local retirement club and older generation. Our village is surrounded by the Csanad wilderness, which is a protected nature reserve maintained by the Koros-Maros National Park. They plan to build a visitor centre here in the near future. The Dry-Stream Channel flows along our village, which creates great fishing and hiking opportunities. Hunters can also find many games in the surrounding wilderness. In the summer there are many famous gastronomic and horse riding festivals in our region. You can find many great spa and thermal bath very close to our village too. We also organise many festivals in the summer, where we welcome every visitor. Please take a look into the life of our village, visit us and enjoy our great hospitality.


Zoltan Csjernyik
mayor of Csanadalberti